5 Tips and Tricks to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home

From Drab to Fab

Is your front lawn overgrown with brambles and weeds? Are you hoarding clutter and rubbish on your driveway? Does your home look like something out of a horror movie with a creaky gate, peeling paint, and flickering lamps?

If your house is in a state of disarray and the object of scorn from neighbours because of its outdated or unkempt façade, then it is time for you to give it a much-needed makeover.

From Drab to Fab

The front of your house is much like your face. You want to put your best face forward especially if you want to greet people. A messy front yard or an ill-maintained front lawn can give off the wrong impression about the homeowner.

To create a welcoming air, you must take the necessary steps to make your house façade look open and friendly. It must give off a warm vibe. It must look hospitable and more importantly, habitable.

From Drab to Fab
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Whether you are tired of living in a house with a dirty face, moving into one, or planning to sell one, you need to realize the importance of giving a house amazing kerb appeal. It is not only you who will appreciate the refreshing beauty of a well-kept front yard but your neighbours, the community, and possible buyers or new tenants, as well.

Read on and discover how to make your home exterior inviting and appealing by transforming your beast into a true beauty. Turn it from horrific house to amazing abode with these five simple ways listed below:

  1. Clean it up: A neat and tidy frontage speaks volumes. As the first thing that people encounter when invited into your home, a clean front space will immediately tell that you cannot condone living in a squalid place.

    A person’s façade can be a symbolic representation of how that person is in life – someone who values cleanliness, orderliness, and perhaps, to some point, honesty and clean living.

    When you want to amp up your kerb appeal, start with getting rid of rubbish and debris in your front yard. Have your lawn mowed, your hedges and trees pruned and trimmed, and your driveway ridden free of clutter.

    Another trick is to wash down your driveway. Hosing it down will get rid of dirt and stains, not to mention that the wet appearance makes it look appealing in photos for possible real estate marketing purposes or simply as a neat background for your next Instagram selfie.

    Clean it up
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  2. Give it a pop of colour: Colour has different meanings for different people. In psychology, colour can also trigger thoughts and emotions that influence people to do the things they do. Restaurants, malls, and even gyms, for example, all use colour to their advantage. It can be used to boost appetites, spur shopping decisions, and motivate people in various ways.

    You can also take advantage of this fascination colour phenomenon. Spruce up your home façade with colours that pop. “Warm” colours like red, yellow, and orange can give off an exciting vibe while “cool” colours like green, blue, or purple are best for relaxation and calm.

    Depending on what you like, you can use colour in a variety of ways to make your front kerb more appealing. Decorate with colourful pots, plant varying shades of flowering plants, or use paint that pops in strategic locations such as front doors, letterboxes, or sidewalks and pathways.

  3. Dress up your door: Doors with creaky hinges, peeling paint, or skewed numbers on them will look like the house is unkempt. Aside from its poor state, it can also be a safety risk as faulty hinges can break and a door can crash on you. Skewed and unrecognizable house numbers can also be a cause for confusion.

    Eliminate these worries by giving your doors – whether it’s the front gate, the garage door, or the main entryway – a fresh coat of paint. You can choose a classic colour or one that shows a bit of personality.

    Replace old and skewed house numbers with stick-on, screw-on, or even glow-in-the-dark numerals. If you’re a fan of the futuristic and modern, you can also venture into getting solar numerals which have an auto sensor that turns on when it gets dark. Nighttime visibility is enhanced with the help of super bright LED lights that make it easier for guests or the delivery guy to locate your house.

    You can also opt to add house signs such as “Beware of Dogs” or “No Junk Mail” to remind visitors or unwanted guests about your specific house rules.

    Dress up your door
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  4. Level up your letterbox: Let your old and rusty letterbox retire and replace it with a sparkling new, stylish one. Letterboxes instantly add kerb appeal with their various designs, shapes, and sizes. There are letterboxes that carry both style and substance with thoughtfully designed details such as weather flaps, rust proof material, and security features.

    These letterboxes can be wall-mounted, fence-mounted, post-mounted, or freestanding. You can decide whether you want something that only fits your regular mail and newspaper, or you can have one installed that can hold parcels and other bigger mail.

    From ones with sleek stainless steel designs to those with warm wooden looks, letterboxes readily amp up the beauty of one’s home while offering practical functionality.

    Level up your letterbox
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  5. Light it up: Flickering lights can not only feel creepy but can also harm your eyes and cause headaches.

    Get rid of the pesky flickers and replace them with energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lights. Brighten up your front yard with lighting fixtures that can range from ones that are sophisticated and simple to those with wild and fantastic designs.

    Outdoor lighting can highlight key areas in your home as well as provide illumination that can bring out the beauty of your house and garden.

    Light it up
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Face the Music Doing the above-mentioned things can significantly transform the look of your home façade and elevate it to a look that says you care for your surroundings.

To boost the kerb appeal of your home, cleaning up, using a pop of colour in the yard, replacing numerals and old doors, installing letterboxes, and fitting flattering light fixtures can spell a difference in turning an ugly duckling into a stately swan.

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