5 stylish solutions for an empty corner

stylish solutions for an empty corner

Nothing was a shambles in this corner room space. It had four walls, some quality and beautiful furniture and the wallpaper prove that it had been lovingly decorated, albeit in another era. The living room had become the scene of the couple’s morning retreat with coffee and the paper, but as often happens with the passage of decades, they had simply grown bored and uninspired by the corner space. Fortunately turning the page to a new chapter of life affords the perfect occasion to pause, take stock of one’s surroundings and make a change for décor ideal. When the people hired an interior designer to transform their home, their living room already had a few key assets. The grand piano was there to stay, and the sofa and pedestal style end table were attractive and in great condition.

stylish solutions for an empty corner

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While the tired wallpaper was replaced with a fresh coat of paint, the chair rails needed only to be beefed up with additional picture molding, laid right over the drywall. The extra molding added a huge architectural layer for a relatively small expense, She also amplified the room’s grandeur with heightened cased openings and windows decked in Roman shades mounted towards the ceiling. Comfortable, cozy seating was the primary objective. Since the room functions as a secondary living space, there is a separate family room for TV viewing and entertainment, the design centered around creating a restful retreat. The shades are neutral so as not to compete with the luscious drapery panels, made from an embroidered quality fabric that both the client and designer adore. Along with the pillows and ottoman, the draperies were custom-made. Drapery can be a high ticket item in a room, especially if you fall in love with a higher priced embroidered fabric, That fabric was the driving force of the design. Both consider these tufted leather armchairs a favorite feature. The chairs are so comfortable that everybody agrees they were worth the four months wait. The art above the sofa was commissioned for the room by an artist found by the homeowners. The grand piano occupies the same corner, it always had, but now it is next to fresh new artwork from sizable art and decor inventory.

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The four pieces surrounding the well-lit centerpiece are framed etchings from an old type look. It was important that none of the art on the piano wall distracted the special painting and colors above the sofa, and these pieces contain just the right amount of color. The living room was part of a larger redecorating project that involved the master bedroom with dining room, office, and powder room extra. The people had reached a target in their lives when they decided to really invest in a space that would go the distance, stylistically and functional and beautiful corner space. They choose an interior designer who can understand their room style, and they approach the work with a sense of balance. If they really loved something, they were not afraid to invest in pieces that make a statement, like the stunning embroidered drapery fabric and other things, but they also integrated existing features that already worked well.

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