5 Never Seen Before Ways To Use Side Table In Home Decor Ideas

Side Table Indian Style - Home Decor Ideas

Side tables have become an integral part of home decor ideas and elements sheer because of their utility. Though small in size, these have incredible ability to store a lot of your belongings. Side tables are quite often seen in bedrooms near the bed or dressing unit and living rooms where these are seen near the sofa chairs or any other seating. Homeware decoration items are necessary to make the home feel the fresh and thus timely addition of an element or two can bring about the much-needed change. Side tables could thus be one such element and let us tell you these come in different forms, shapes, sizes along with impressive storage capacity. Today we are going to discuss some innovative, stylish and elegant side table ideas which could be easily used as homeware decor items and can effortlessly change the look and feel of the area in general.

  • The Classy Black Side Tables: well if you have small living room and have kept the base color as neutral shades in the form of white and cream, you have made a smart choice as neutral hues make the room appear bigger. And having sparks of black or any other dark color will complement the light backdrop just like in the image below. The black lamp on the black iron side tables looks stunning. The side table in this case in of minimal utility with just the top being used as the area doesn’t require more storage. We loved the entire set up, looks classy!!

    The Classy Black Side Tables - Home Decor Ideas
    Image Source: Google Images

  • Do It Yourself Side Table: if you quite often engage in art and craft and Do It Yourself activities, then designing this wooden side table won’t be a problem for you. See the below image for reference. The side table looks rustic and these are actually two different pieces compiled together to make the overall element more visually appealing and also double the space for storage. You can very well arrange your favorite reads in the bottom part and top part for keeping photo frame or table lamp.

    Do It Yourself Side Table - Home Decor Ideas
    Image Source: Google Images

  • Traditional Side Table: wooden side table with iron handles make for a perfect traditional combination and it looks great to start with. Have a look at the below image for reference. The side table goes perfectly well with the rest of the furniture and floor of the living room.

    Traditional Side Table - Home Decor Ideas
    Image Source: Google Images

  • Side Table Indian Style: having an intricately designed wooden side table will definitely go with the traditional India furniture and room set up just like in the reference image below.

    Side Table Indian Style - Home Decor Ideas
    Image Source: Google Images

  • Simplistic Side Table: if you feel soon you are going to refurbish your living interiors then buying a simple and basic side table is advisable which can go with any theme or decor. Having steel legs and glass top is the universal combination and can very well go with any setup.

    Simplistic Side Table - Home Decor Ideas
    Image Source: Google Images

Hope now you know how a well-thought selection of side tables from an array of designs can be useful in bringing about the much-needed change in different home spaces.

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