2017 – A Year About New Beginnings, New Resolutions And New Beginnings

make it beautiful make it fantastic

2016 got over in the blink of an eye. Hope you had an amazing start to 2017, and we believe the celebrations were grand. 2017 brings about new hope, dreams and promises. Apart from personal and professional growth, we also hope that you work on the interiors of your home too. We want you to take up some serious resolutions to make your home more organized and beautiful, clean and welcoming. Here we have a few home décor ideas you must consider this year.

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Get Rid Of The Clutter

Before getting all the new linens or accessories or gadgets we highly recommend you to get rid of the clutter. It isn’t that daunting a task. Pay visit to every room of the house. See what you don’t like, what is tattered or what can’t be used anymore and donate to a charity. Follow this activity to every nook and cranny (including the garage or store room). Discard stuff that drains your energy or are broken. Once you let go of what is not required, you can make space for new elements that not only look good, but also raise your energy level and make you feel positive. Arrange all the cabinets, organize the way you store your electronic gadgets. Clear all the counters and remove things that you use occasionally and place them in cabinets. This will make your home look much cleaner and organized.

get rid of the clutter

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Engage Into Weekly Cleaning

This year make a note to take out sometime every week (say Sundays) to make your home well thought out. Dishes go into the dishwasher without any excuse. Dirty clothes go to laundry basket and clean and washed out clothes are back in the closet. Keep all the cleaners, gloves handy so that you could easily find them when you clean the house. Why we suggest you to take up cleaning activity every week so that you are not piled up with work few weeks down the line and are clueless about where and how to begin cleaning the mess. You could also take help from your family. For example – let kids arrange their room so that not one person is burdened with the work.

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Make Your Place More Inviting

Every year we vouch to spend more quality time with family and friends. However, we forget that in order to spend more quality time with folks, we have to make our place inviting and entertaining. If you are on a budget the best way to make your home vibrant is by bringing outdoor in. Make place for plants in your home, be it the balcony or kitchen or living area, plants can bring about fresh air and a positive aura to the ambience. You could even rearrange your furniture place it in a different set-up. Add colors by introducing new lines (bed sheets, pillow covers, etc), art, upholstery and curtains.

make it beautiful make it fantastic

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We hope the New Year is all about new beginnings, new memories and new stories for everyone. Make it beautiful, make it fantastic!!

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