10 Top Home Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Space

Go Edgeless

Simply because you live in a rented apartment or house does not mean that you cannot decorate it according to your taste.

While decorating any home, people tend to get carried away with adding functionality to the home rather than style. Even the smallest of apartments can be styled with elegance and grace. The art is to identify things that add functionality and style both at the same time.

Today we will teach you how to decorate your home or room using simple things that are available to you. Stay tuned till the end for some great home decor ideas:

  1. Go for the all-in-one furniture:

    Go for the all-in-one furniture
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    If you live in a limited space, then you can do wonders by purchasing furniture that can perform more than one job at the same time. This type of furniture is called multi-purpose furniture. And the good thing is that every room in the house can be furnished with all-in-one furniture. Here are some great ideas:

    • Go for a sofa cum bed that can serve as a bed when you have to sleep and a couch when you have to laze around

      How about a coffee table with a side bookshelf?

      Buy furniture that has inbuilt storage space

    But be careful about one thing. Select furniture items that do not clutter your space and add functionality.

  2. Go edgeless:

    Go Edgeless
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    Gone are the days where furniture items used to be installed edge to edge on the walls. This century is all about being “curvy”.

    Going curvy has one great benefit. It empties up the corner spaces making any small space appear bigger than it actually is. Invest in round corner pieces and tables that leave the edges empty.

  3. Invest in vertically spaced storage:

    Invest in vertically spaced storage
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    You can smartly utilize a limited space by investing in vertical storage. Go for storage containers or designs that are tall and long. It will make the space appear lean and big. Besides, it looks classy as well.

    Go for a large-sized media wall right from the floor to the ceiling. This can serve a dual purpose; it can act as a divider between two areas and of course provide you with the needed entertainment.

    You can improvise this design by installing bookshelves that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Use it to store all your other essentials as well by building drawers on the sides.

  4. What about curtain styles?

    What about curtain styles
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    You don’t need to go with those traditional curtains that feel like meters of cloth hanging on the windows.

    Go for a simple blind-style window solution or curtain prints that make the room look spacious. Try going for full-length curtains and vertical blinds for further enhancement of the room. Go for flowy designs on the top in case you do not want the curtain rod to be too visible in the room.

    Also, you can consider some different styles of curtains available in the market for your windows. But first categorized the need for a curtain. Whether you want to give a good look to your room or you need to keep heat or noise away from your place.

  5. Layer up the room!

    Layer up the room
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    Did you also think that the option of layering was only restricted to huge rooms? You are under a huge misconception. Small spaces require layering to increase the depth of the room.

    Start with the basics. Begin layering your bed with sheets and blankets or thermals. You do not have to simply load designs over each other. Think smartly. Play with the colours and contrast and then see what works best in a room.

    Go with blankets and sheets of different patterns and colours. If there is a black bed sheet, layer it with a zebra print blanket or pink pillows.

  6. Furnish using Lucite tables and chairs:

    Furnish using Lucite tables and chairs
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    Did you know that you can decorate your house on a budget and make small spaces appear bigger by investing in Lucite chairs and tables? These tables provide openness to even the smallest of spaces and add functionality. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

    Go for tables that have a see-through glass top but make sure you get the non-coloured glass because coloured glass would defeat the purpose.

  7. Stay on the lighter side of the palette:

    Stay on the lighter side of the palette
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    Stay away from the darker colour palettes unless you are living in a mansion. Dark colours cozy up the place rather than making it airy.

    Instead, opt for lighter shades especially on the interior. You can always colour break the theme by adding contrasting furnishings etc and wall decor.

  8. Focus on the lighting:

    Focus on the lighting
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    Want to make your space cozy and warm and homey? Then focus on the lighting. Make sure you install a light in different corners of the room to add depth and spaciousness. Go for the LED lights in warm tones; nothing can make a room cozier than warm lights.

  9. Remember less is more:

    Remember less is more
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    You need to cut down and hold your horses. The art here is to scale down. If you are not someone who likes to go bold with signature touches to a house, make sure you buy appropriately sized furniture and decor that does not hog up the already restricted place.

  10. What about the dead spaces?:

    What about the dead spaces
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    Yes, you can indeed bring the dead spaces to life. Find out the areas in the room that are not used to their full capacity. Identify the corners that are not used and the walls that are completely empty, to the counters that are barren to the balconies that look bald.

    Then list down the items that can bring life to these dead spaces while adding the needed decor to your home.

    You can even transform the underneath of your staircase into a cupboard just like the one where Harry Potter lived! Or go for corner tables that have spaces to store books. Make sure no corner in your home remains unfunctional or empty.

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