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Home Renovation Ideas: A Complete Chandelier Guide by Industry Insiders

Image Source: Google Image Those who take home renovation or new home decoration very seriously, they always let their imaginations run wild to find new ideas to decorate their own little beautiful worlds. Lighting

Welcome your guests with these beautiful home decor ideas!

Guests are very important and are treated similarly. In India, guests are looked up to no less than God. They say, “atithi devo bhava”, (a Sanskrit phrase) meaning guests are equal to the God.

Easy And Simple Ideas To Update Your Dream Home Interiors

What would be your definition of a dream home? Something that is well equipped with the latest amenities, has all the trendy interiors and feels comfortable and inviting that’s what we feel turns a

How To Mix Colors And Make Your Home Feel More Vibrant

Colors have always been most talked about element when it comes to Home Decoration Ideas. The topic has always been researched on, scrutinized, subjected to debates and what not!! When it comes to mixing

Lights And All That Jazz – Placement, Functionality And Color Scheme

Lighting is an important aspect of interior designing. Home decoration ideas are incomplete without having thought of the placement and kind of lights you wish to choose in your home (any and every part

Fun And Simple Table Decoration Ideas For Christmas Eve

Well having a good time with family and friends is the sole idea behind celebrating Christmas. Christmas is incomplete without singing carols and dancing to some good music and delectable cuisines. People bond over

The Art of Displaying Collection

Have you ever considered arranging and displaying your collection in the form of arts, souvenirs, memorabilia or paintings in a creative manner??!! We always hear that we must simplify our homes and lead a

Houseplants Guide

There’s a constant need for fresh air. Be it home, office or any other indoors, fresh air is vital to good mental and physical health. Also, fresh air in outdoors is also a big

The Art Of Hanging Pictures

Hanging pictures in the interiors of your home can give the right balance of space, art and color. Any good interior designer would know the importance of hanging art and the crucial role it

Storage Ideas For Home

At one point in life we all have been crazily rummaging the drawers, cupboards and almost the entire house looking for stuff of utmost importance. We are more than sure you would agree. For