We have some super home decor ideas for your living room decoration!

Living rooms are always are the first priority when we think of redecorating our house or building a new one. We often first think of how to decorate the living room, and why not. It is the first room that a person who visits you actually sees. As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Nothing is as important as creating the first impression on your guests, especially the ones who visit you for the first time, right?

Well, talking about the living room, there are a lot of things that counts and that must be kept in mind as far as the decoration is concerned. The living room, firstly, must speak for your personality without having said a single word. You must decorate your room in a way that whenever a person visits, he/she must get to know more about you. Be it through the paint on the wall, or the comfort of the sofa, or the paintings that you have hung, or the flowers in the vase, every little thing can help you make your impression right and apt as per your personality.

Modern Living Room Ideas Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Well, there are many interior designers and homemakers who could give you many home decor ideas, but the truth is, not everyone could afford such interior designers. Well, if you fall into the same category, and yet wish to decorate your living room equally good, look no further. Today, we have got some really amazing interior design ideas for living room, that will not only instantly help you change the look and feel of the room but will also not break your bank. What more could you have to ask for? Let’s get started then. Explore below:

  • Wooden wall shelf: Gone are the days when people used to keep stuff on sofa side tables of on the center tables. Well, if you yet do so, wake up! Walk with the trend, or be called ‘the old school. These days, wooden wall shelves, like the one shown in the image below, are so in trend. These decorative cubes like wall shelves that come in a set of 6, helps you make space utilization easy. These little gorgeous frames would not just help you frame your treasured moments and memories but will turn out to be an ideal accent for your living room.

    The best part is, it does not require any extra accessories or assembly to put it in place, and with its contemporary lacquered finish, it would always stay stylish on your living room wall. It is an absolute space saving solution for small areas.

    Wooden Wall Shelf Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Flipkart

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  • Mirror wall sticker: Wish to decorate the back wall of your TV and could not think of a great idea? Look no further. As shown in the image below, this wall mirror sticker will do complete justice to your wall and is completely a budget product. The best part is, not just this is waterproof and environment-friendly, but is also easy to the past and won’t harm your walls at all. What say?

    Mirror Wall Sticker Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Amazon

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  • Wooden table lamp: Gone are the days when people used to decorate their living rooms with those boring long lamps. Today is the trend of short and classy wooden lamps with LED lights as shown in the image below. They are classy, safe and come with a switch ON/OFF button that makes it even easy to use. Its non-slip matte design makes it a perfect decorative item for the living room.

    Wooden Table Lamp Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Amazon

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