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Top 10 Green Home Building Ideas

With the monkey of global warming not leaving human backs anytime sooner, greenhouses are an obligation now, not an option. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons The good thing is that people are adopting this profitable habit

8 Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Backyard

Your backyard can be a terrific place to host major life-changing events for you and your family. Backyard weddings have become so main stream that even major celebrities like Ellen Degeneres used hers for

Antique Interiors in the 21st Century

A modern home can absolutely have the grace and charm of a classical home from a long past era. The use of antiques and vintage decor will really give a home a certain element

5 Tips and Tricks to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home

Is your front lawn overgrown with brambles and weeds? Are you hoarding clutter and rubbish on your driveway? Does your home look like something out of a horror movie with a creaky gate, peeling

Window Replacement: The 5 Warning Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

When homeowners decide to undertake a home renovation project, few consider the importance of upgrading their windows. After all, new windows are a considerable investment and, unlike upgrading home appliances in the kitchen or

Different Styles of Steel Balustrade

Steel is a popular choice of metal for most of the products that are made today. This is even true for the balustrade designs. Due to its versatile and sturdy nature, it can be

6 Home Decor Ideas for Every Space and Budget

When the word “home decor” comes into the mind, then often, people think about harmony, discipline and put good consideration on synchronism. It is so because all of these words define the fabulous way

8 Tips to Clean Your Home’s Air Naturally

It is a less know fact and horrible too. But, the air we inhale inside our homes is substantially more polluted than the air outside. Why? This is because our regular use products have

8 Interior Design Ideas That Spell Modern Luxury

Modern luxury is an interior design concept that is not only popular in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry; it is also something that many homeowners are now fascinated with. In the UAE, for

Why Every Home Needs External Awnings!

External awnings are becoming an increasingly popular feature of many homes throughout Australia thanks to the numerous benefits they bring homeowners. Stylish, affordable and perfect for the Australian climate, awnings are quickly becoming an