Make your office feel airy and sunny by using white throughout

If you want your office working from home has its perks, easy access to typical comforts make it tough to create a space that inspires and keeps us focused. In a dream office, our study would be a spacious, uncluttered room with plenty of natural bright light and storage that gets us in the right frame of mind. But if that is not an option, here is what we can do to still squeeze in a like home office. A little sunlight can go a long way to keep you on your toes, especially when you feel the snooze coming along after those hearty homemade lunches. If you have a little bit of an open space near a window in your living or bedroom, then set up your desk facing it. Basking in good light will always keep the pull away from your workday.


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To save space, all you need is a free wall to put in a build in bookcase for easy access to your files. Choose pieces that seamlessly blend with the existing look for a better transition. Not anybody likes their workstations exposed for the world to see. Or if it is in the bedroom, you may not want a to do reminder when you are just about ready for bed.

home office in bedroom

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Here, is a pint-sized workspace that is cleverly concealed in a beautiful cupboard. To manage a tight workstation, a desk with drawers and built in space for your laptop and other gadgets keep things tidy space.

Home office table

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In addition, cane storage baskets on the shelves above can help you stay onto of your paperwork whilst bringing some character. There is no such thing as wasted or dead space. All you really need is a tiny nook to make a spot work for you.

cane storage baskets

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Standing at just a couple of inches, this study keeps things simple with a suspended light wood desk that supports open shelves for storage. Given its compact nature, it can easily be hidden away behind the long curtains to give you a little extra privacy when you have to pull an all-nighter. Most Indian houses usually do not have to deal with the dead space under the staircase. The best part is that it is very easy in the eye and there is enough room for even a potted plant or two.

cool small home office ideas

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Colorful beautiful walls are a valuable asset, especially when you are short on free space. Rather than building wide, consider looking upwards. Easy to fix floating shelves are a great way to break up a wall and give you that extra storage without making the space look claustrophobic. It is tinged a desk that eats up your tight space can be the most taxing part of the design. Opting for a built-in solution gives you everything you need maximum space with a minimal visual break. Making good use of its dimensions, this built-in option seamlessly extends into a shelving unit and seating area with no separate legs required.

Colorful beautiful walls

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