How to choose Colors for your rooms: Color Combination Ideas

Colors play an important role in designing the exterior as well as the interior of the home. Choosing the right color for all the rooms can really bring out the brightness you have always missing inside your home. It doesn’t matter how good your home decor ideas are unless and until you have painted your room’s walls with the perfect colors and chosen the accessories that compliment the color of the walls. Many experts with brilliant home decor ideas have claimed that color is everything.

The color combination of your room also affects the lightening of the room. Many of you have already mastered black and white combination, but now it’s the time to play with some bright and bold colors which inspire you and makes your visitors stunned with your love toward colors. So now the question is that are you brave enough to make this happen? We think yes. So let’s take you to the brilliant ideas for finding the best color combination of your room.

  • Choosing color scheme: This is the very first step when you are trying to refresh the room. You have to choose the color according to the accessories you own. It should match with your sofa set, your dining table, wall hanging accessories, etc. The best to start is to start with the formal areas. Living area should be the primary focus, and then move to the dining room, followed by bedroom, and office area if you own it. The color combination of your room must be toned down with each other. The vibrant colors always add the beauty to the room. Look at the color combination below. The pale yellow color of the room perfectly suiting with the dining set and the yellow colorSilk Flower Bouquet will complement the color combination of your room in the perfect way. Owning the scented flower with the right color combination around the room will create the soothing environment and will leave your guest mesmerize.

    Choosing Color Scheme Color Combination Home Decor Ideas
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  • The rule of 60/30/10: When you are decorating the room, dividing the colors in the ratio of 60/30/10 will always bring out the perfection inside the home. No matter what home decor ideas you working upon, this rule is applicable and suits in every condition. The rule states that there should be 60 percent colors of dominant nature, 30 percent should be secondary colors, and the 10 percent should be made from accent colors. So, if you want to paint the walls try to use dominant colors for them, for the upholster secondary colors, and for the accessories accent colors. Look at the wall clock below with the beautiful combination of colors hanging on the wall painted with dominant color. It works every time and everywhere. The clock is providing the balance of color combination for your room, and you couldn’t wish for more.

    The Rule Of 60-30-10 Color Combination Ideas Home Decor Ideas
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So these were the two main things that should be looked for remodeling your room. For more such home decor ideas, keep reading!

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