Here are some great home décor ideas to decorate your home with artwork!

decorate your home with artwork

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Well, who does not want to make their house look prettier and beautiful. Apart from the great use of stones, designing and furnishing, there’s more that you can do to decorate your house. And the best way is to do it with some incredible artwork. But let’s just admit not everyone could do it right, otherwise why would there be interior designers? Ha-ha! Jokes apart. If done it right, artwork could change the way your house ever looked and make every on-looker drop his jaws. Of course, you want your house to look gorgeous and reflect your personality and therefore, you always look for home décor ideas. And if, for the same, you are looking for some no-fail ways to spruce up your house, here are some picture-perfect tricks.

• Create a view: If you have always been disappointed for not having an above the sink window to have a look of the outside and always felt your kitchen was incomplete, well here’s your chance to do it. Place in a beautiful seascape oil painting and just turn the look around. With this, you would no more feel that your kitchen is monotonous or dull anymore.

paintings for your home decor

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• Forget the formal grid: Gone are the days when people used to display artwork on their walls in a synchronized way. Don’t be so old school. Give it a twist. To keep the display from feeling haphazard, pick an overarching theme or color. Trust us, this would be your best decision ever.

display art work on the walls

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• Fill in the blanks: Use the artwork to fill those extra spaces that you have always felt are killing the look of the room. Be it the bedroom, the living room, the drawing room or even the study, use artworks to fill the spaces. It could be beside the drawers or above the television, or above the bed, or wherever. Just be careful to pick the right size as per space and the color as per the furniture around.

Use the art work for extra space

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• Embrace unexpected objects: Artwork not necessarily has to be a wall painting or a quote. It could be a lot more. All you need to do here is to think creatively. You could decorate your house with horns, plants, wood, etc. What about hanging out some authentic, sun-dried wood pieces?

art work

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• Forgo frames: Why do we always have to get every wall artwork framed and then hanged up there? Why not just forgo frames and hang the real art the way it is? It could be a vintage school chart like the ones shown here or an unmounted canvas tacked to the wall, or anything that you think would look up against your wall, and necessarily has not to be framed at all.

forgo frames

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• Stack vertically: But not all of them of the same sizes. This is the best way to decorate the places where there is short amount of space or in other words for tight areas. These could be placed one above another like 3 to 4 in a row and of different size to not make it look cliché.

decoration ideas for small space

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• Go big: Why not? These look great in the living area, where you need to make the most of the impact. Big frames not just stand out for their size but for the calm and composedness, they bring to the area. Placing one such frame in your living room is sure going to give you a lot of head-turns, and frankly who wouldn’t love that?

frame for living room

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