Guest Room – Cozy & Comfortable

Hosting guests at home is an important part of Indian Tradition. We believe in “atithi devo bhava” which means “Guest is equivalent to God”. We try to make them feel comfortable and make them relish the delicacies. However, there’s another way you can put them at ease – by making the guest room cozy and comfy. Recall the last time you visited someone as a guest, and how they did not leave any stone unturned to make your stay pleasant. So, now you can comprehend the importance of guest room, its designing and how you can add value to make their stay enjoyable and memorable.

Guest Room – Cozy & Comfortable
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Hosting guests sometime sooner!!?? We will share a quick guide to spruce up the guest room and make it more welcoming.

1. Smell Good, Feel Good – yes, this factor plays a very important role in our daily lives. We like to smell good, so why not put some fresh scent in guest room as well. Honestly, we are so used to the smell of our home that we tend to forget how our guests would take it. Nevertheless, it isn’t too late; bring in the fresh fragrance by using a bouquet of fresh flowers and lighting scented candles. Dust the room, sweep the floor, change the bed-sheets and curtains, open the windows and let the fresh air in.

2. The Bed – bed is the most important part of any room. How can one feel relaxed without sound sleep!! And for that you need a bed where you can snuggle into. Layer up the bed by putting comfortable mattresses, soft bed-sheets, quilt and cushions, a lot of cushions.

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3. Something to Read – a well planned and thought of guest room will certainly have a space that can cater to reading needs of your guests. if you haven’t thought about it, you can still add an open rack to keep newspaper, magazines or books for your guests to read. You can even place coloring sheets or comic books for the kids. You can also put a stack of sticky notes or stationery like – pencil, book or pen (for writing important messages). This isn’t just a sweet gesture but will also make the room lively and more home like.

4. Light up the Ambience – you can add splendor to the room by accessorizing it with some utilities. Having a small lamp will not only make the room complete but also be of great help at night for guests. Put up pretty frames on the walls – photographs or quotes or anything artistic. Place an indoor potted plant at the window. This will give positive vibes to the room.

5. Let’s be a Little More Thoughtful – your guest has had a long journey, so surprise them with a welcome basket full of goodies like – chocolates, chips, mint, biscuits or cookies, a welcome note and maybe a flower. There’s a possibility of forgetting your toothbrush or other toiletries at home. It isn’t a bad idea to keep a set of toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste or comb. Make a place in closet with hangers for them to keep their clothes.

Let’s be a Little More Thoughtful

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Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and we are sure you would definitely put in your best efforts to make your guests feel more at ease.

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