Fun Games And Activities On Christmas Evening For All Age Group

And the countdown for Christmas had begun already. And we are totally looking forward to celebrate this merry occasion with all the kids of our neighborhood. Yes, we invite all the kids home every year on the eve of Christmas because we believe in adage Share a SMILE and what better way than this!! Christmas always reminds us of our childhood memories. The smell of delicious food, decorating the Christmas tree, buying gifts and having a family get together. Kids eagerly wait for the day and the entire concept of Santa Clause coming with gifts and goodies.

Fun Games And Activities On Christmas

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Let us make the Christmas Eve more fun by engaging kids, after all the celebrations are meant for the little ones!! This Christmas let us entertain kids and even adults with interesting and fun games. You are just a day away from Christmas Eve and how are you going to arrange such activities. Don’t worry friends!! We have made our list, checked and rechecked it. Instead of home décor ideas we are going to give you a list of our all time favorite Christmas party games. Well you need to keep your guests busy and why not with creative party games this time!! Just to avoid the competitive feeling, give out prizes to all those who participate and appreciate their efforts!

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Christmas Greetings Giveaway

This is how you could start the party. Ask all the kids to draw a Christmas greeting, let them be creative here. At end of the game let them exchange it with friends. This is a fun way of beginning the evening, isn’t it!!

Christmas Greetings Giveaway

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The Guessing Game

Have a mystery sock or stocking and fill it with all the goodies. Pass it on to every kid, let them guess it. They can feel it, smell it or may even shake the stocking. We suggest you to put goodies that could be easily guessed by the kids and also let them have it if they guess it correctly.

Do You Imagine What I See!!

To keep up with the spirit of the evening, we have this interesting and also our favorite in the list. This game involves team work. Have all the kids sit in a circle. Pick two kids and have them sit back to back. Now give a prop to one kid and a piece of paper and pencil to the other one. Let the kid with a prop describe it without taking its name and let the other kid imagine and draw it. The team with closest imagination or drawing to the prop gets to have it.

gifts for kids on Christmas

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Make sure you make them sing a lot of Christmas carols; make sure there is a lot of singing and dancing. End the evening with delicious food and Santa paying a surprise visit to the kids. Give chance to an adult to be the Santa with all the required props and gifts. Make sure the Santa interacts with kids, gives goodies and clicks a lot of pictures. Make memories you will cherish it in times to come.

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