Five Interior Design Ideas to Make Your New Office Look Really Exciting!

When it comes to designing a modern home office or selecting office interior design, there is a veritable kaleido scope of ideas out there. Let us look at a few interior decoration ideas that can give your office a makeover.

Office interior design
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  • Go for new office furniture if you can afford it: Offices of all shades and hues, (including even the modern home office) are the mainstay of your business since they are the places where you meet your professional contacts and prospective clients. Here the age-old adage “The first impression is always the last impression” definitely comes into play.

    Since your clients will gauge your work expertise based on the impression you make. And the last thing you want to show them is the old broken furniture, stained desks and scratched drawers and creaky chairs. In fact, the furniture in your office is arguably one of the single most important aspects of decorating your brand new office. This is why you should always try to get rid of all the old itemsthat came with the old office and put in some really chintzy stuff instead that could go well with the overall ambiance of the place as you would like it to be. This is especially important if the old furniture present there is old and by now (more or less) completely out of style.

    A bad office design can stress out workers. Since it is an all-new office, this is an ideal time to go right ahead and break the ‘piggy bank.’ Splurge on the brand new furniture and other furnishings that would be sure to dazzle the customer completely. You should only choose pieces that can boost the style and ambiance of the place without sticking out too conspicuously.

    Minimalist designs and comfortable seating arrangements, especially for the client seating area would be deemed idealfor the purpose.

  • More textures wherever you look: Thanks to the concept of minimalism in office interior design, it is all the easier to come up with different types of both neutral and streamlined layouts. Here, texture can come into the picture and if it is funky enough, then it will also be able to showcase your playful side, as well.

    One of the most important thing about textures is that they can substantially heighten the overall sensory elements of your room, and can also easily summon various aspects of nostalgic home comfort, especially for ‘out of town’ clients and employees.

    Think real sheep skin chair throws or faux suitably mixed with discreetly placed acoustic fabric wall panels, inter-spaced with the woven rug and beach shell wall dividers, with handmade baskets scattered around, for that truly unique look.

  • The seminal importance of good lighting to the mix: In much the same way that flowering plant needs the sun, creativity essentially depends on the natural sunlight. This is precisely why integrating an element of sunlight into your new office design can help no end in making sure that your office has that vital ‘X’ factor which will help the proverbial ‘creative juices ‘overflow into all the work that you do there.

    The seminal importance of good lighting to the mix
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    Studie sreveal that natural light has significant mood enhancing properties that encourage creativityand productivity to a great degree. Make sure that you have sufficient windows and ventilation points so that sunlight will enter the office space and dispel any gloom that your staff members just might be prone to feeling.

    Office space Ideas
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  • Also, create some enclosed spaces at the workplace: In the past few decades, the term ‘open office’ has always been a catchphrase. In fact, this trend took the office décor world by storm and more companies and firms jumped on the same all-pervasivebandwagon.

    Create some enclosed spaces at the workplace
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    The sheer volume of noise from employee interaction leads to a significant loss in overall productivity. This is why many offices are now going back to a more cubicle-based approach these days. There is sound reasoning behind it. The more the noise and the more the distractions, the greater will be the difficulty in working properly.

    Lack of productivity is bad enough when it comes from one employee alone, but when the same turns out to be entirely contagious and effectively ‘infects’ the whole office, then ‘Houston, you have a problem’!

    It is difficult for a person to not talk to his friends when they are all sitting together. So instead of working on those critical deadlines for the presentation, the odds are your staff members will be merely concerned with the local baseball game. If you want to avoid that, make sure that there is at least a semblance of privacy regarding the individual cubicles that different staff members will occupy in your new office.

  • Use your walls as a showcase for your creativity: The empty spaces on the walls of your office are actually nothing more nor less than blank canvases that you can fill with the various accolades that you have earned over the years. You can also put in award-winning designs as well as pictures for various seminars and workshops you have attended. This will show the visitor that you have an ear complete grasp of the subject matter at hand and he will be far more comfortable in placing his or her business in your all too capable hands. Apart from that, tastefully decorated walls regularly inter-spaced with fine prints and exceptional artwork can go a long way in showing that you (and by extension your company) have excellent taste. This, in turn, will have an extra beneficial effect on creating that lasting positive first impression, we alluded to earlier.

Use your walls as a showcase for your creativity
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Ultimately, however you design your office, keep in mind that it has to be pleasant not just you and your staff members, but the clients as well. And consequently, if it looks run down and tacky then your qualities as an astute businessman will also be called into question. SO, make sure that you decorate your office carefully. If you are planning to move your office soon, keep these design considerations in mind to make your new place look exciting.

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