Dress up your home with decorative tiles

The Colorful tiles have a luscious intensity and, topped with a glaze that makes them effect the light beautifully, can really add something important to a bathroom. They create an opulent finish often not possible with paint alone. There are lots of ways to incorporate colored tiles into your scheme, from a few small areas in a quiet color to a full-fat version with drama and vibrancy. Browse these ideas to get you started. Use a dramatic color sparingly for maximum impact.

Dress up your bathroom with decorative tiles

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Tile one wall behind a bath, inside a shower enclosure or behind a basin for fabulous drama without giving yourself a headache. This way, even the brightest color is under control and does not overwhelm Using interesting and contrasting colored tiles to pick out several different zones in a bathroom can create a shining effect without overpowering the scheme. Storage niches lend themselves well to a colorful tile treatment.

colorful tiles treatment

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Here, mosaic tiles have been used; they come with a mesh backing, making them easy to attach to the inside of a cubbyhole. If you like the effect, continue the mosaics elsewhere, such as on the floor, the side of the bath, or behind the basin, to lead the eye around the room. This all-white bathroom has been given an eye-catching feature in the form of beautiful different color tiles in the shower enclosure.

use of mosaic tiles in bathroom

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Using color to zone this area creates the illusion of a larger space, drawing attention to the full height side of the room, and, along with the different color of the floor tiles, removes the clinical feel of pure white. Use any color in this way depending on your taste, it would look equally good with deep cobalt blue or zesty shades, but keep the surrounding area simple, so it retains the same calm, clean atmosphere.

cobalt blue tiles

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Use pale tiles in a muted shade that are a gentle contrast to the rest of the decor to add some color without coming on too strong. A wide column will enhance the basin area and make it look more reliable, as well as adding a pretty accent color that can be picked up elsewhere in towels and accessories. Note the pale color grout here it creates a soft contrast, making the work area as one rather than appear more broken up as it would have white grout to match the white backdrop been used. This is a great way to add subtle detail. From a distance, the area looks like one, overall color, and you only see the full beauty on closer inspection.


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Use floor to ceiling in an alcove and keep everything else simple, so the tiles are the hero. Good quality can be expensive, but if you surround them with more affordable large format tiles, the cost should balance out, yet give you a beautiful focal point. Re-tile one wall in a sunny color to turn the bath area into a feature. The window wall is typically the darkest in a room, so a bright color will give a potentially dull area a lift in color psychology, color is generally associated with cheerfulness and energy.

sunny color tiles use in bath area

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