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How often do you spend time at your terrace?? I will make a wild guess. Am sure you visit terrace on special occasions only – to enjoy the monsoons or on Diwali or Christmas. Isn’t it!!! Have you ever thought why?? Not yet!! I will make the revelation, it is because your terrace is not appealing enough to make you want to visit it every second day if not every day. I want you to go a step ahead of home decor ideas and extend it to often neglected spaces like terrace as well. Living rooms are mostly the only spaces we take our guests. However, the terrace can also make a good space to have gatherings with friends and family, if planned smartly.

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I have been constantly enunciating in previous blogs that for any space to lighten up or to make lively, one needs to introduce colors. In any form or shape or size, colors are the magical secret. Today, we will discuss terrace decoration ideas that would certainly not be heavier on the pocket and make it feel and seem visually appealing so that you can make memories quite frequently with the near and dear ones.

  • Small Terrace Ideas: Keep it Simple friends!! Avoid clutter if you do not have a big terrace. Instead of having a table and chairs, go a little creative in saving up spaces. Have a platform made on one side instead. Cover it with a beautiful sheet and add some pillows to make it comfortable. And on the other side place plant pots (this is one our favorite suggestions), you can even go for aerial pots (hanging pots). This will save up a lot of space to walk.

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  • Terrace Balcony: Well you just don’t have a terrace at all in your home, no need to feel disappointed peeps. You can convert balcony of your room into a terrace. If the balcony is also too small, you can surely make space to introduce flora if not for chairs. Having a set of foldable chairs is also a good option. Take it out when you have a few friends coming over otherwise just hang it on the wall.

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  • Big Terrace Ideas: If you fall into the category of people with big terrace space in homes, you can certainly experiment a lot simply coz you have too much breathing space. Having a table and chairs is a prerequisite; however, you can go for a wooden set for an added appeal. Next step is having a bench across one of the walls and pair it with a beanbag. You can also have all sorts of plants here – aerial pots, big pots and even a space for trees. See the below image for reference. It looks amazing, isn’t it!!

    Big Terrace Ideas Terrace Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Terrace Decor Ideas For Special Occasions: If you already have a well-thought terrace, make it special on the extraordinary junctures and events. You can even throw a small get together or your own birthday party with folks and peers. Make it dazzle with lights, not bulbs but candles instead. See the below image for reference.

    Terrace Decor Ideas For Special Occasions Terrace Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope after reading today’s blog you are inspired enough to work on your own terrace. We would like your views in the comments below.

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