Beautifully decorate the floor of your house with these home decor ideas!

When we say home decor ideas, every corner of the house is equally treated. It is as important as decorating the walls, as it is paying attention to the ceiling. But what people often do not pay enough attention to, is the floor of the house. Whereas the fact is, the floor is the first thing that draws a visitor’s attention at your home. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and decorate the floors because after all the first impression is the last impression.

When we talk about floors, there are ‘n’ numbers of options available out there in the market. It I s necessary to make your choices well so that you so not regret it later. The majority of the people always prefer going for the tiles. WHY? Because they come in different patterns, designs, and colors that can suit any room decor and at the same time are equally durable.

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But let us accept the fact that not everyone can afford wonderful tiles to be placed in every corner of their house. So, what’s next best thing that could be done? The answer to this question is tile wallpapers. There are a lot in trend and are being appreciated by people, homemakers and are even recommended by interior designers around the world. The best part about these wallpapers is that they are easy to paste and easy to remove and won’t harm your floor at all. Moreover, you can get rid of them whenever you feel bored of a certain wallpaper.

Getting your floors done with such tile wallpapers will not only make your house look beautiful but at the same time will also not break your bank. What else could you have asked for? Though it might be very confusing given that there are several different types of tiles available in different sizes and pattern. Therefore, today we are here, with some amazing home decor ideas that will help you decide which tile wallpaper to pick for your house and help you decorate the floors beautifully.

Ready? Explore them below:

  • Blue dusk tile wallpaper: As shown in the image below, this blue dusk tile wallpaper comes with premium quality self-adhesive laminated vinyl with UV protective HD print that comes with a life of 7+ years. It is 100% opaque and therefore seems like the tile itself You can either paste them on the floor, or on the previously installed old boring tiles. They are meant for tile, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, cabinet, ceiling, door, appliance, furniture & many more.

    Blue Dusk Tile Wallpaper Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Amazon

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  • Backsplash tile stickers: As shown below, these are a great option for the renters. If you do not have your own house, and do not like what has been offered by the tenant, you can easily give a makeover to the house, especially the kitchen and the bathroom with these tile stickers. These are easy to stick and peel, durable and waterproof.

    Backsplash Tile Stickers Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Amazon

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  • 3D tile stickers: Another way to decorate the floors and the walls, is by using the 3D tile stickers as shown in the image below. These are made of PVC material, are easy to stick and remove, durable and of course, waterproof. They can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth in the wiping motion.

    3D Tile Stickers Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Amazon

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