Attractive home decor ideas to enhance the look of your room with shelves

When it comes to storage and organization, nothing beats good old fashioned shelving. It is the perfect way to attempt to keep the clutter that befalls us all at bay and keep our lives tidier. The uses for shelves are endless which is why they are the most versatile and universal choice for storage for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. Since there are also different types of shelves, it is best to consider the various home decor ideas for managing the shelves and of course, the needs of the individual before purchasing.

Enhance Look of Your Room With Shelves Home Decor Ideas
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Built in shelves are usually found in closet areas. Most of the time, especially in older homes or buildings, the shelving is not a very efficient use of space. Therefore, for clothing, shoes, accessories and other items typically stored in closets, it is a good idea to consider getting a closet system. It not only contains the necessary rods and brackets but also has fantastic shelves to fit the needs of even the biggest clothing and accessory hog. Another plus about these shelves is they can be moved around and adjusted to fit the needs of the person using them.

Gone are the days when people used to install those boring closets and shelves in their homes to keep all the accessories, decorative items, and other stuff in place. With modernization and changing trends, there have come several contemporary, stylish looking shelves that come in different shapes and sizes and have the capability to be the showstopper of the room they are installed in. To help you with same, we have listed below, some of these best shelves that you must consider using in your house.

  • Floating Shelves: No No! they don’t float around in your house, though we wish something like that could happen. These shelves are called floating shelves because of their ‘U’ shape. They usually come in pairs and in different sizes. Hanged on the walls, these shelves not only are useful for keeping the accessories like watches, car keys, books, picture frames, etc. but are equally stunning. They are sure going to get you some head turns and appreciations.

    Floating Shelves Home Decor Ideas

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  • Wall Mounted Corner Shelves: As the name suggests, these are mounted on walls, but not just anywhere, but only in the corners. Why? Because they are made like that.Half of the frame is attached to one wall, and the other half is attached to another wall in the corner. They are A great way to lit up the corners and bring to them the much-missing charm. For more reference, you can check the image below.

    Wall Mounted Corner Shelves Home Decor Ideas
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  • Intersecting Squares Shelves: These are in the shape of cubic and are intersected with each other making small spaces in between. They are as useful as they are gorgeous to be hanged in any room in your house. They only know one thing to do, enhance the decor of the house. Giving an antique-y look, they are sure going to invite a lot of compliments from the onlookers, leaving them stunned and amazed.

    Intersecting Square Shelves Home Decor Ideas
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