5 Reasons We Absolutely Love Big Boss House Interior Design Ideas

We have been giving home decor ideas and inspirations to make the house look and feel comfortable and appealing. However, today we are going to talk about the interiors of one of the best houses in the history of Indian Television shows – Big Boss. This is the eleventh season of the show and with every passing year the fun, entertainment and contestants get better. Be it the rules or conversations or stories, Big Boss is a well-thought package of masala. The Big Boss house feels different year because of the unusual destinations and also the interiors to make the celebrities feel like home. Be it the entrance or garden area or living room or bedrooms or kitchen or any other spaces, every area of the house is well planned, designed and executed. Today, we will discuss the 11th season of big boss house interior spaces that could be used for your home spaces as well.

  • The Grand Entrance: entrance is literally the first thing anybody would notice about your home. And look at the grand entrance of the Big Boss house. The greenery all around makes it a refreshing sight. And pathway has tree-like bulbs on both the sides. The entry door into the house is rustic made of bamboo sticks; the big green lamp adds to the charm of the place and totally complements the house. There are also tables and chairs accompanied with cushions for added comfort while you gather for evening tea and snacks. Thumbs up to this beautiful entrance with a bed of grass and plants all around to make it peaceful and feel neat and clean.

    The Grand Entrance Big Boss House Interior Design IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • The Spectacular Outdoors: while we give most importance to house indoors, outdoors also play an equally important role these days. Some people try to turn outdoors into a lounge; some convert it into kids play area, recreational area or a backyard for enjoying breakfast, tea or even barbeque with family and friends during weekends. See the below image for reference. We like the use of wood all across the outdoors to give it a countryside feel, the idea of having lush green grass and potted plants all over also makes the space pleasing to the sense of vision.

    The Spectacular Outdoors Big Boss House Interior Design IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • The Massive Living Area: we all know the importance and significance of a living area in a house. The living room of Big Boss is nothing less than a dreamy area. See the below image for reference. The walls are colorful and seating is comfortable. And that’s exactly how it should be designed.

    The Massive Living Area Big Boss House Interior Design IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Country Kitchen: we are absolutely in love with the kitchen design of Big Boss House. Lots of shelves, potted plants and colorful utensils along with paintings on the drawers make it a visual delight!!

    Country Kitchen Big Boss House Interior Design IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Dining Area: the kitchen is open and extended into a dining area. See the below image for reference. Big table and comfortable chairs paired with sassy designs on walls make it a perfect dining area.

    Dining Area Big Boss House Interior Design IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope you liked these detailed big boss house interior design ideas.

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