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Smart Laundry Room Decoration Ideas For A Comfortable Washing

Laundry room, also called utility room, is a space for washing clothes. A contemporary laundry room consists of a washing machine (fully automatic or semi-automatic) along with clothes dryer, drawers, and cupboards for storing

Some Marble Problems You Can Fix without Any Professional Assistance

Many people refer to the marble repair to be a difficult task to be performed and recommend seeking professional help for it. However, this is not as demanding as you hear from most of

Neat And Classy Home Decor Ideas To Feel Like A Celebrity

If you would have noticed, from the last couple of weeks we have been trying to give a sneak preview of lavish homes of celebrities. They surely know how to make the best use

Guest Room Decoration Ideas To Make The Stay Of Your Beloved Visitors Comfortable

How so ever big or small the house is, we always try to look for ways to have a maximum number of rooms. When it comes to home decor ideas, the major spaces include

Petite Home Decor Ideas For The Much Needed Make Over

India is a colorful country and best part about Indianness is the zeal and excitement with which we celebrate all the festivals. Be it Christmas or Eid or Diwali or Onam or Lohri, we

Garden Decoration Ideas For Creative And Fun Outdoor Spaces

A garden is, on the whole, an outdoor area designed and created in order to put on the show, nurture and have the benefit of the flora and other forms of nature. A garden

Wall Design Ideas That Compliment The Overall Home Decor

The weekend is over and here comes a new week with new challenges and beginnings. Mondays are difficult, especially after weekends. We have just the right thing for you to beat the Monday blues.

Tasteful And Chic Side Table Decoration Ideas For Making A Statement

The table is a piece of furniture with a flat surface and one or more legs for support. On the basis of functionality, tables can be classified as a dining table for serving dinner

Sassy And Classy Interior Design Ideas For Wardrobes In Bedrooms

The term wardrobe is derived from old French word wardrobe, in which the word “warder” means “to keep” and the word “robe” means “clothes”. The wardrobe is basically a closet to store clothes. Centuries

Carpet As A Secret Ingredient In Home Decor Ideas And Furnishing

Carpet is basically a fabric for the base (floor) covering generally made of a layer of the pile with an added backing. The layer pile could be made of wool or could be made