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Color Red In Home Interiors

One gets exceptionally choosy and selective when it comes to planning and designing interiors of home. And why you wouldn’t they be? After all it is a rare opportunity; you wouldn’t plan or remodel

Home Office With Personal Touch

Home Office is the brain of a home. It is a work space away from actual work, where all the brilliant ideas pop out, strategies are planned and executed to achieve targets and grow

Houseplants Guide

There’s a constant need for fresh air. Be it home, office or any other indoors, fresh air is vital to good mental and physical health. Also, fresh air in outdoors is also a big

Do’s And Don’ts Of Interior Designing

Today everyone is moving towards an increased standard of living. People are paying more attention towards quality of life and working towards increasing it than before. As a result they are looking for quality

Color Ideas For Every Space

Colors that you use to decorate your room or any other space of home can speak volumes about your personality. Well it is not at all necessary to paint the walls of your home

Budgeted Ways To Decorate Kids Room

It is difficult to decorate kids’ room. And parents very well know that it is a never ending story. Especially because they are at a growing stage and their likes, dislikes are highly transient,

Small Bedroom Ideas

However big or small, one must respect the his living space, home, shelter, his own small world away from the outside world of glamour. And accept it wholeheartedly with the advantages and disadvantages it

Pet – Proof Your Home

We absolutely love pets!! And who wouldn’t adore these tiny creatures, who gradually becomes an integral part of family and home. It is said that a man can leave your side but a pet

Gender Neutral Nursery Design

All the aspiring parents are eagerly looking forward to welcome the new family member in their homes and lives. They obviously can’t fathom the happiness of being parents. Every soon to be parents have

The Laundry Room

Remember the times when you find yourself under a heap of unwashed clothes. Dirty, filthy clothes of kids and sometimes a pile of clothes of even the guests, who can pay a surprise visit